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TSS | Thermal Spray Services offered for the Food and Beverage Industry

TSS thermal spray coatings for food processing equipment provide excellent wear and corrosion resistance. Similar coatings are also used to provide wear and corrosion resistance on similar equipment used to process pharmaceuticals and personnel hygiene products.
Friction without sticking helps many production lines.

All of these coatings provide an excellent alternative to hard chrome plating by providing superior wear and corrosion resistance.
They also eliminate the environmental concerns associated with hard chromium plating.


Pump Shafts, Sleeves
Food processing pump shafts, sleeves can be coated for improved wear resistance. The surfaces typically coated on shafts and sleeves are either seal or bearing surfaces. The coated surfaces can be ground to very smooth finishes.

Impellers are typically coated with carbide containing materials for abrasive and erosive wear protection.

Homogenizer Plunger
Coatings Homogenizer plungers used to homogenize products such as milk and juices are coated with carbide and oxide ceramic coatings for wear and corrosion protection. These coatings have very high hardnesses 1200-1500 Vickers, (71-76 HRC), are very dense, (less than 1% porosity typical).

Food Processing Pump Seal
Food processing mechanical pump seals, made out of stainless steel materials such as 316L SS, are coated with metal oxide ceramics such as chromium oxide and with carbide containing materials for greatly enhanced wear resistance. The coatings are for contact with food. The hardness of the coatings is 70-75 HRC, which is much harder than most food materials that cause the wear.

Other typical thermal sprayed industry applications in the Food and Beverage Industry industry:

  • Moulds
  • Conveyor systems
  • Rollers
  • Hoppers
  • Chutes
  • Bakeware
  • Knives and blades

TSS s.r.l is unique in its ability to work with its customers and provide them with a custom engineered solution for their specific surface engineering requirements. 

Due to our vast 30 years experience in the field of thermal spray coatings as well as the capabilities of our laboratory facilities, engineering department, and machining facilities, TSS s.r.l is highly capable of assisting you in any phase of thermal spray coatings.

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