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TSS, Thermal Spray Services Offered for the Marine Industry

Marine parts in specialized equipment often function under challenging environments. The challenges generally emanate from the corrosive nature of both salt and fresh waters. This is one of the major reasons that marine components suffer quick degradation. Our coating solutions can tackle any wear and corrosion concerns that you might have for your marine equipment.

We aim to provide the best protection to equipment often featured in the marine industry such as piping, pumps, compressors, winches and more.

Wear Resistance

Utilizing our Plasma Spray, HVOF and other Thermal Spray Coating processes, we can provide wear resistance by applying many hard materials such as Tungsten Carbides and Ceramics in varying blends and compositions. These materials can be coated upon any marine component which can then be ground and polished to the requirements of the application.

Corrosion Resistance

Corrosion is considered to be an ongoing problem in marine applications. Our coatings of Zinc, Aluminum and Zinc-Aluminum Alloys can provide corrosion resistance to free standing components which are subject to atmospheric conditions of a salt water environment. Furthermore, we can apply coatings which combine wear and corrosion resistant properties for components that are subject to both forms of degradation. These coatings are typically comprised of ceramics.

  1. Neutral Barrier
  2. Cathodic Barrier
  3. Sacrificial Anodic

Neutral Barrier Coating

Neutral materials such as alumina or chromium oxide ceramics provide excellent corrosion resistance to most corrosive environments by exclusion of the environment from the substrate. Generally a neutral material will not accelerate the corrosion of the substrate even if the coating is somewhat porous, although any corrosion of the substrate interface with the coating should be avoided to prevent coating separation. Sealing or impregnation of the thermal sprayed coating is recommended. Thicker and less porous layers have better barrier properties to the substrate and therefore exhibit superior performance.

Cathodic Barrier Coating

Cathodic Barrier Coatings are coatings which are cathodic with respect to the substrate material. A stainless steel or nickel alloy coating would be cathodic to a steel substrate. Cathodic coatings can provide excellent corrosion protection. However, there are limitations; there must be a complete barrier to substrate from the environment. If the substrate is exposed to the corrosive environment, the substrate will become the anode and corrosion will be dramatically accelerated resulting in spalling of the coating. Sealing or impregnation the coating is recommended. Thicker and less porous layers have better barrier properties to the substrate and therefore exhibit superior performance.

Anodic coatings for the protection of iron and steel substrates are almost totally limited to zinc and aluminum coatings or their alloys. Where coatings anodic to the substrate are applied, the corrosion protection is referred to as cathodic protection or sacrificial protection. The substrate is made to be the cathode and the coating the sacrificial corroding anode. An ordinary thermal sprayed coating of zinc or aluminum although somewhat porous, to a large extent excludes the environment and provides cathodic protection. Where desired the porosity can be sealed with organic sealers, or the coating painted, which can in some cases prolongs the life of the protective system by increasing the barrier effect. This method is generally regarded as providing superior corrosion protection versus galvanizing, plating and painting without excessive cost penalties.

TSS s.r.l is unique in its ability to work with its customers and provide them with a custom engineered solution for their specific surface engineering requirements. 

Due to our vast 30 years experience in the field of thermal spray coatings as well as the capabilities of our laboratory facilities, engineering department, and machining facilities, TSS s.r.l is highly capable of assisting you in any phase of thermal spray coatings.

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